10th January 2018 will be GeoSpy permanently closed and offline.
Thank You for understanding.

Proportional part of bucks will be return to users after 10th January 2018.


Origination of GeoSpy

Many wrongs are done all over the world. We have decided to solve this global problem in the form of „he who plays does not have time to be bad!“

First of all, we compiled a list of the skills and qualities for a spy.


  1. Observes and collects information
  2. Rates information
  3. Submits information
  4. He has a good sense of direction in his own and foreign environment
  5. He is patient, honest, and courageous

Then we had been working with these skills and qualities and transformed them into the GeoSpy game. We designed the game so that it supports, improves, and rates spy skills.

Let the best man win, so help us God.

GeoSpy HQ

About us

Mr. Nobody

A secret agent of the special GeoSpy unit

He controls the activities of spies. He is entitled to give instructions aimed at creating a global network of spies. He supports spies in improving their abilities. He monitors and rates the results of activities of all spies.

We say about Mr. Nobody: A highly capable and intelligent professional. He manages to perform tasks of any level of difficulty.

Mr. Nobody says about us: I am satisfied with their activities.

Daniel Hrotek

A founder, project manager, UX/GUI designer, marketing specialist

He co-ordinates the development of GeoSpy. He watches the observance of deadlines and project funding. He prepares a marketing strategy.

He solves user experience / interface and applicability of GeoSpy. He processes a detailed dynamic online Wireframe. He applies longterm experience in the field of ICT in the area of network administration, HW and applicability.

Interests: wife, GeoSpy, amateur radio operation, ICT, sports

Co-founder and designer of a metropolitan network StarHill.org.

Jana Hroteková

Founder, product manager, business analyst, test analyst, graphics corrector

She designs GeoSpy functionalities and manages their integration. She models a business analysis of GeoSpy in UML. On the basis of the analysis, she creates testing scenarios. According to ISO 9126, she performs tests - of functionalities, applicability, portability and rates the maintainibility. She corrects designs of vector and bitmap graphics.

She deals with a software business analysis and information system development methods. She has long-term experience in the area of business analysis and testing of software products.

Interests: husband, GeoSpy, sports

Tomáš Hubička

Tomáš Hubička

Web application developer

He programs GeoSpy FrontEnd and BackEnd.

With GeoSpy, he has made full use of longterm experience (more than 12 years) in developing PHP (and framework Nette), MySQL, (X)HTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript and its framework jQuery.

He deals with the development of professional web applications.

Interests: family, web technologies, horrors

We say about Tom: We have high demands. Tomáš has had a really hard time with us. We thought many times that he would write and tell us we should find someone else... We were often quite sorry about Tomáš. We often discussed what he would be saying about this or that requirement. How will he react? Will he still stay calm? :-)

To our surprise, Tomáš always meets the challenge of difficult tasks with firm determination and strong will. We even often think we are just imagining it.

And we could write a book about the fact that our tasks and requirements are not simple...

Tomáš handled every task to our full satisfaction, and with a high level of professionalism.

A partner we can't lose.

Tom says about us: The GeoSpy project has been a great challenge from the very beginning in terms of its size and required functionalities. However, I realised after the first meetings with Jana and Dan that there would definitely be no problem in the communication. Their determination and enthusiasm about the project was a great motivation for me too.

I have only come across a few projects that would be prepared so precisely and in such a great detail as GeoSpy. Simply said, Jana and Dan knew exactly what they wanted and what they had to do from the very beginning.

Working on the GeoSpy project has changed my perception of the term „impossible“ significantly. For Jana and Dan, „impossible“ was simply no answer and I often got down to searching for solutions I would believe they could not exist. And I succeeded.

I am really happy I can participate in the GeoSpy project, and I would join Jana and Dan in any other projects. I am sure we would be successful.

Volunteers - translation