10th January 2018 will be GeoSpy permanently closed and offline.
Thank You for understanding.

Proportional part of bucks will be return to users after 10th January 2018.


Advantages of being a PRO

GeoSpy can be played by anyone free of charge

Become a professional and get access to restricted sections and special functions

Description of functionalities

Basic membership


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Professional membership

$ 12.99 / year or win it

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Filter on the map

By means of filters on the map, you can see the categories of objects you need. You can also filter secured or own objects.

Use locators

On the map and in reports, you can see how large a territory you are controlling.

Acitivity report

You will see how many objects you secured and when. You will learn the regularity of your activities.

Plan objects

Plan objects and export them all to GPX. The plan will also make it easier for yo uto secure the objects you have visited.

Filter in the files

Filter and look up in the files. You can see objects without occupied xTR. You can also find out how many and which objects or photographs exist in various categories of states and regions.
Search for spies, objects and photographs by their name.

Raters of photographs and objects

In the report, you can see, who rated your photos or objects.

Notification about new objects

Permit the sending of notifications about new published objects.
Enter the distance from your home co-ordinates and categories of objects you wish to be notified about.

Photo resolution

You can load photographs with maximum resolution:

800 x 600 px 1280 x 960 px

The number of photographs taken in securing an object

In securing an object, you can enter the number of photographs into the securing report:

1 photo 5 photos

Browse the files

Browse the files of spies, objects, and photographs. You can sort the items by the score and other criteria.

Create objects

You can create objects, which are photographed by others performing various tasks.

Secure objects

Add your experiences into the securing report and inform other spies.

Rate photographs

Do you like this or that photograph? Rate it! You contribute to the rating of activities of other spies.

Rate objects and records of objects

Would you like to appreciate the description of an object: Or do you like the object in reality? Simply assign % or send a heart.

Sending of notifications

Do you own objects? You will be informed about activities related to these objects.

Browse photodocumentation

You can browse photos in various ways, e.g. only your own photos or photos of another spy, top 10 photos of an object, etc.

Set up the localisation language permanently

Set up the language in your profile. GeoSpy.org will always remember the language.

Compete for xTR

Compete for the first three places in securing objects.

Mr. Nobody - competitions for PRO days

Perform the tasks given by Mr. Nobody and improve your spy skills.
Take part in competitions and win PRO days.

Basic membership


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Professional membership

$ 12.99 / year or win it

I want to be a PRO

You can ask for a fee refund within 30 days after the activation of professional membership.