10th January 2018 will be GeoSpy permanently closed and offline.
Thank You for understanding.

Proportional part of bucks will be return to users after 10th January 2018.



Rules applied between GeoSpy.org („GeoSpy“) and persons interacting with GeoSpy („user(s)“).

  1. 1.Ownership and responsibility for inserted information
  2. 2.Breach of rules, changes and exceptions to rules
  3. 3.Not allowed, allowed on condition
  4. 4.Payments and paid professional membership
  5. 5.Account protection
  6. 6.Identification and personal data
  7. 7.Other

1. Ownership and responsibility for inserted information

1.1The user undertakes to insert only pictures and photos to the server, which are owned directly by him/her, or pictures and photographs for which he/she obtained the consent of the relevant third party to publish them.

1.2GeoSpy does not guarantee the correctness of pictures, photographs, or texts („entries“) entered by users.

1.3Following the registration, each user can make entries to GeoSpy.org. Each user must ensure that the entries made by him/her comply with the applicable legislation of the relevant country. All noncompliant entries to the GeoSpy.org portal will be deleted.

1.4GeoSpy gives a non-exclusive, non-transferrable, revocable licence to browse and use the portal in accordance with the GeoSpy rules. GeoSpy reserves the right to discontinue or cancel, at their discretion, a licence according to these rules and prevent the user from accessing any part of these pages without prior notice or grounds.

 GeoSpy may change, discontinue, or terminate any parts of the GeoSpy.org site or any services offered at the GeoSpy.org portal. GeoSpy may also limit the functions of the GeoSpy game without prior notice.

1.5The user agrees that he/she performs all activities at GeoSpy of his/her free will and on the basis of his/her own decision. GeoSpy is not responsible for the physical and mental health of the user.

1.6All entries made by the user at GeoSpy will remain the property and copyright of the person making the entry.

2. Breach of rules, changes and exceptions to rules

2.1GeoSpy.org reserves the right to change the rules, licences and conditions published at GeoSpy.org at any time.

2.2If the user breaches the GeoSpy rules, the following measures can be taken: modification, deletion or locking of the entry breaching the rules. Temporary or permanent blocking of the user. A relevant measure will be selected according to the level of breaching the rules, and can be applied without prior notice.

 A relevant measure will be selected according to the level of breaching the rules and can be applied without prior notice.

2.3In the case of activities on the server, which do not breach the defined rules, but GeoSpy believes the activities damage the server or other users, GeoSpy is entitled to apply measures as if the rules have been breached.

2.4It is forbidden to reply to entries breaching the rules. If the rules are breached, contact GeoSpy.

2.5GeoSpy may decide to make an exception to the rules. In this case, no precedent will apply.

2.6The user agrees that he/she will compensate GeoSpy for any losses, claims, damages, and expenses (including reasonable costs of legal representation) incurred by GeoSpy in relation to:

 a. the breach of any of the GeoSpy rules by the user, or

 b. the use of these pages by the user.

3. Not allowed, allowed on condition

3.1Spamming of boxes (e-mail, private message) or publishing personal data without explicit consent of the affected user is forbidden.

3.2It is not allowed to promote religious, political, charitable, or social programmes at GeoSpy.org.

3.3GeoSpy users are not allowed to insert free advertisements and hidden promotion.

3.4It is not allowed to use any robots, spiders or any other automatic tools for collecting information for any purpose without the explicit written consent of GeoSpy.

3.5It is not allowed to:

 take any measures which cause or may cause an inadequately excessive load of the GeoSpy infrastructure,

 disturb or try to disturb the proper operation of the GeoSpy.org portal,

 prevent or restrict access to the GeoSpy.org portal.

4. Payments and paid professional membership

4.1The professional membership fee can be refunded to the user if the user so requests within 30 days after the date of activation of the professional membership, for which the fee was paid.

4.2GeoSpy supports payments via the PayPal service.

5. Account protection

5.1GeoSpy PROTECTS information about the user's account against unauthorised access or release by means of a password. GeoSpy is entitled to share impersonal, summary customer data of users with partners and other third parties.

5.2GeoSpy uses cookies and other types of site monitoring technologies. Cookies are required for login. Disabling of cookies may affect some pages.

5.3Information obtained via cookies may be combined with personal data, but they may be used only in compliance with the GeoSpy rules.

6. Identification and personal data

6.1GeoSpy is entitled to use identification data and contact users regarding new objects, events, services, and products.

6.2GeoSpy is entitled to use identification data for the purposes of statistics, website usage analysis, and sending of e-mail bulletins, for the improvement of GeoSpy products and services.

6.3Identification data collected via GeoSpy.org and service can be stored in any country. All partners and providers of GeoSpy must not disclose the identification data, and are not allowed to use it for any other purpose.

6.4GeoSpy may provide the user's identification data if it is required by law or in good faith that it is necessary:

 (a) to protect and defend our rights and property, place, users, and the public.

7. Other

7.1The logo is the property of GeoSpy.org. We keep all rights, claims, and interests related to that logo.

 The GeoSpy logo can be used for non-commercial purposes free of charge. Commercial use requires our explicit written consent.

 The GeoSpy.org logo in the format PDF.

7.2GeoSpy.org is intended for users over 13. GeoSpy does not intend to collect the personal data of children.

7.3Pay attention to the protection of children and youth, and protection of the environment.