10th January 2018 will be GeoSpy permanently closed and offline.
Thank You for understanding.

Proportional part of bucks will be return to users after 10th January 2018.



Become a member of the special GeoSpy unit. Use your spy skills to secure objects, conquer territories and achieve other interesting targets.

What is GeoSpy?

GeoSpy is a global game, which is to prove your spy skills and document objects over time.

All of these activities are rated and compared with activities of other spies. To play the game, you will need a camera. A GPS device could be useful too.

Target 1. Securing and creating of objects

Your goal is to reach the highest number of secured and created objects

You will get one point for each secured and created object.

The rating result can be found in section Files > Spies.

Target 2. Creating good records of objects

Your goal is to own the best and most interesting objects.

Other spies may rate each object created by you, state whether they like it, and how it has been recorded.

Results can be found directly in the records of the object, as well as in section Files > Objects.

Target 3. Creating good photodocumentation

Your goal is to own photos of the highest quality.

Other spies can rate each photo inserted by you.

The result can be found directly by the photo, as well as in section Files > Photodocumentation.

Target 4. Conquering territory

Your goal is to occupy as large territory as possible by means of created and secured objects.

Territory is occupied by means of locators. A locator identifies a relevant part of the territory. To occupy a locator, at least one secured or created object has to be published in the locator.

The rating result can be found in section Files > Locators.

What is a locator?

Target 5. Exemplary activity

Your goal is to continuously carry out regular activities in securing objects.

The activities are recorded in the activity report

The rating result can be found in section My diary > Reports - Acitivity report.