10th January 2018 will be GeoSpy permanently closed and offline.
Thank You for understanding.

Proportional part of bucks will be return to users after 10th January 2018.

Mr. Nobody's instructions

Hello spy.


My name is secret. You can call me Mr. Nobody.
I am the head of the special GeoSpy unit.


I am entitled to assign tasks and award PRO days for your activities in order to improve your spy skills.
My powers will be extended over time.


Take part in the competitions and tasks below. Show your spy skills. Win respect and PRO days.
PRO days can be also bought.



  • Competitions and prizes


                Results can be found on our Facebook. How can you join?




                1. Regular weekly competitions (stop action 1th February 2014)

                        You may compete for:
                            - the highest score for objects (Files > Spies)
                            - the highest number of occupied locators (Files > Locators)


                        In each competition, you can win PRO days:
                            1st place 3 days PRO
                            2nd place 2 days PRO
                            3rd place 1 day PRO


                            - the best rated object (Files > Objects)
                            - the best described object [in %], secondarily by the number of votes (Files > Objects)
                            - the best rated photo (Files > Photodocumentation)


                        You win 1 day PRO for every best rated Object / Photo.




                2. Special competitions and tasks - individual
                        Achieve all following goals:
                            - Create 250 objects
                            - Objects created in 5 countries
                            - Taken 1,000 photos
                            - Occupied 50 locators


                        Have you reached the goals? Contact me and get 30 PRO days.
                        50 first spies only (6 of 50)